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When you are considering the possibility of divorce or are dealing with another family law issue, you want a law firm on your side that is experienced, insightful and understanding. At Benton Family Law, we pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients, our compassion for what they are facing and our knowledge of the laws governing divorce and family law issues.

Our firm is located in Goldsboro, North Carolina. From there, we provide clients throughout the surrounding areas with comprehensive representation in all aspects of divorce and family law, including military divorce, equitable distribution (property division), child support and child custody, premarital agreements and more.

To learn more about our founding attorney, Shelby Duff Benton, please click on the profile link below:

Shelby Duffy Benton

Ms. Benton is assisted in her work by state-certified paralegal Annette L. Phelps and legal assistant Stephanie D. Crawford. Learn more about their work and backgrounds by clicking here.

Working Together Whenever Possible

While North Carolina law requires that all divorce cases attempt to be resolved through mediation, our firm often works to see that this approach is successful. We believe that it is better for divorcing parties to work through the details of the case outside of the courtroom in order to minimize the additional stress of the process. This is often a better way to help children cope with the divorce and limit the impact to them. Our founding attorney can confidently handle all aspects of the mediation process, including representing parties for property mediation.

We know that not every case is right for mediation. Some situations require the matter to progress to court in order to be resolved by a judge. In these situations, we do not back down. Ms. Benton is experienced in handling divorce cases in court and can litigate the matter to the fullest extent whenever necessary.

We Are Here To Help You Find A Solution

To further discuss your specific family law or divorce case, get in touch with our firm today by scheduling a consultation. Call us at 919-891-8737 or contact us online.